Using QAD Tools to Manage Recalls

Recalls are one of the most feared occurrences in modern-day manufacturing. Should it happen to your company, your ability to adequately respond to a recall is critical to the continued existence of your business. Your understanding of where and how your data is accumulated in QAD will be critical to the successful mitigation of any recall activities. In this webinar, Don Lindey provides tips on how to structure and use the QAD tools that help you prepare for and manage recalls, including …

•   Supplier information
•   Purchase Order and Supplier Schedules
•   Item Master and Item Site Definitions
•   Inventory Control
•   Manufacturing
•   Shipping and Traffic Management
•   Compliance
•   Quality Systems
•   Warehousing
•   Asset Management
•   Service and Support
•   and, more

Articles and Webinars mentioned in the webinar:

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Recall Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)
NHTSA: Safety Issues and Recalls
Your Online Resource for Recalls
Allocation Network GmbH
QAD Forums

FDA: Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts
QAD Knowledgebase
QAD Document Library
QAD Learning Center

32 Soft Data Loaders to help you manage important recall data:

New Data Loader for QAD: DRP Workbench
Access Security Data Loader
Routing Maintenance Data Loader
PO Workbench Data Loader

Consigned Inventory Return Data Loader
Consignment Inventory Usage Data Loader
Customer Item Maintenance Data Loader

Quality Systems mentioned in the webinar:

Master Control