New Data Loader for QAD: DO Workbench

Expected Release Date: February 2022

If your company has multiple distribution centers and is using or planning to use QAD Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), you’ll be happy to know we’re currently developing the Distribution Order (DO) Workbench Data Loader (12.17.21).

Our DO Workbench helps you manage distribution orders to multiple manufacturing facilities more efficiently, enabling you to meet ever-changing customer needs while keeping inventory and costs down.

With DO Workbench, you can manage QAD distribution order creation and updating, inventory, shipping and receiving, and even access QAD reports and drill-down inquiries using Excel spreadsheets. PLUS, all your work is quickly, easily, and accurately uploaded back to QAD without IT staff!

The DRP Workbench Data Loader includes:

The Dashboard gives you details for all open Distribution Orders and allows you to update Transportation comments.

Review and approval of MRP Action Messages. When you approve an Action Message, the DO Create or DO Update & Ship tabs (depending on the type of action message) will automatically populate with information from the approved action messages to create or update your DO.

This Workbench is currently in development. We expect working trials to be available in February 2022. Please contact us with questions or for more information.