Manage QAD Security for Easy Audits & Analysis



Learn how you can clearly analyze and audit menu security settings and effectively manage required areas of your QAD menu security. We’re joined by Horia Grosu and Jeremy Donavich from DFINE, Inc. They will talk about how they have greatly improved the management of their QAD access security.

Questions from the webinar

If we have multiple groups authorized for a menu item, does the user list display users for all groups?
Does this have any “built-in” SOD verification and stop/red cell while doing the upload?
From a security perspective, does this tool have a auto “Forgot Password” feature?
Are there some set of SOD rules implemented (like a base) or do we have to start from zero?
I have 800 users, row 11 for “*”, will it list all 800 users in column E?