Why Real-Time Book To Ship Data is Crucial

The Book To Ship ratio can be used to help measure a company’s efficiency, to identify problems in the supply chain and is an indicator of the overall health of the company. The ratio is, quite simply, the amount that is recorded in the company’s books compared to the amount of inventory it has shipped out.

If a company hasn’t shipped all that is planned, it can indicate there is an inventory issue such as a shortage or backorder of supplies or raw materials. It could also be indicative of a problem in manufacturing or shipping.

Putting current, real-time information about your business into the hands of your management — from top level on down — is crucial for a healthy company and a streamlined supply chain. If you are currently gathering data from multiple places and compiling it into a report that is out-of-date before it is even published, you are not getting a valid picture.

32 Soft’s Book To Ship Dashboard uses your real-time QAD data to present a meaningful book to ship application that is available 24/7 to anyone in your organization who needs it — both QAD users and non-users alike.

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