QAD Access: Concerns and Considerations



Defining the roles, permissions and memberships of QAD users and assigning their access security can be challenging and complex, especially if your company needs to be SOX compliant. Don Lindsey’s walk-through of the essential considerations when assigning roles, permissions, and security in QAD will help! You’ll learn about:

•   Sarbanes-Oxley compliance considerations
•   Access security control
•   User setup
•   Menus and menu maintenance
•   Roles, permissions and memberships
•   And, more

Questions from the webinar

If I have a new user and only want that user to have 3 menu options for his/her job, can I assign menu options without applying a role?
If I create a new browse, is there a quick way to add that browse to all the roles that I want to add it to, other than going to each role and checking/saving?
Can you tell the attendees about the QAD mfg logon? Where I work, they did not understand this when they implemented and have given “regular” users the mfg logon name access. Should this not only be used in scripts, etc.


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