Purchasing Perfection with Supplier Schedules



Do you use Supplier Schedules in QAD? If your answer is yes, you’ll definitely want to watch this webinar. If your answer is no, you’ll consider using them after watching.

Because, in this 30-minute session, you’ll find out how Supplier Schedules can help you get control of your purchasing plan. You’ll learn how to compare your schedules with demands, receipts, and projected available inventory to make timely and justified purchasing decisions. And, we’ll show you how you can keep it all updated and accurate with speed and ease. You won’t want to miss this!

        Scheduled Orders and Supplier Maintenance Made Easy
        Automate Supplier Schedule Distribution!

Questions from the webinar

Do you have a tool to maintain blanket supplier orders?
Will this tool work with QAD 2015 EE? Will it work with QAD 2013?
We currently have ProPlus installed however the Supplier Shipping Schedule module is not turned on. Will the tool still work with the canned schedules then? We only use planning for supplier schedules while sending F and P within that. How does that change the tool I watched on DEMO?
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