No-Cost Supplier Schedule Distribution



Do you or your staff spend hours generating, printing and faxing supplier schedules? Or maybe you scan and then email them, but still, one at a time?

Join 32 Soft’s CEO Alex Kim as he shows you how to turn the tedious, time-consuming, manual task of supplier scheduling distribution into a fully automated process that will save you a ton of time.

In this 20-minute webinar, Alex will discuss ways to make the process of updating supplier schedules and communicating to suppliers quick, reliable, and robust. We’ll show you how, with our FREE instructions, you can…

      •   Convert QAD documents to PDF or Excel documents and placed on the network share
      •   Generate supplier schedules automatically, accurately and reliably
      •   Email supplier schedules automatically to your suppliers
      •   Release staff members for more important tasks, saving time and money!

Questions from the webinar

What resources are required for LBox to run?
How do we get the FREE program?
If we wanted to use it for consolidated invoicing of sales orders, could that be done with LBox?
Does LBox work with .net se and .net ee?
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