How to Automate Your QAD Invoicing



Turn the tedious, time-consuming, manual task of invoicing into a fully automated process that will save you a ton of time. In this webinar, Alex Kim demonstrates the benefits of Auto-Invoicing and how it works. At the end of the session, you’ll get access to FREE step-by-step instructions to add Auto-Invoicing to QAD yourself without buying any software or hardware. Or, if your time is limited and you prefer a faster solution, we’ll show you how our affordable LBOX software can do most of the work for you.

Auto-Invoice will help your staff avoid errors, significantly reduce invoicing time and cost, and achieve greater scalability – as your company grows, auto-invoice grows with it. We’ll show you how…

      •   QAD documents are immediately converted to PDF or Excel and placed on the network share
      •   Invoices are generated automatically
      •   Invoices are emailed to your customers, team members or partners in personalized emails

Questions from the webinar

How many email addresses can be added and what is the separator?
How do we get started with option #3 “do it for me”
Does Auto-Invoice work the same way with QAD reporting framework reports?
Does LBOX allow you to modify QAD invoice output or it’s just an overlay?
Would it be possible to implement 3rd party invoice forms with this process?
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