Consignment Inventory Usage Data Loader


Improve the Efficiency and Management of Consigned Inventory

Consigned Inventory Data Loader is an excellent tool to help you improve your efficiency and
the management of non-EDI consigned inventory. It provides a simplified interface that allows you to
upload large amounts of data and visibility to relevant data in QAD in one tool.

•   Get a consigned orders report prior to inputting usage
•   Download existing inventory from QAD into convenient Excel spreadsheet or you can ‎enter or
    copy/paste data from customer files into the Data Loader
•   Allocate quantities from inventory against open orders with the click of a button
•   View errors before uploading to QAD automatically
•   Upload your data to QAD – simply, safely and securely

We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
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