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Auto email supplier schedules from QAD

Traditionally QAD users would print Supplier Schedules onto paper and then scan to email or FAX them to suppliers individually, one by one. This is very labor intensive process, especially when you have a few hundred suppliers. Now you can automate the entire process of generation and distributing supplier schedules with the use of LBOX […]

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Replenishment Workbench for QAD

QAD MRP already suggests what materials you need and when. This tool eliminates labor effort that you need to create large volume of purchase orders and notifying the suppliers. All done quickly and accurately from convenient Excel spreadsheet, which is “connected” to QAD in real time…

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PO Receipts from Excel

This Excel tool has been built to improve PO Receipts processing in QAD system (5.13.1).

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Take purchasing to the next level

Problems initiating purchasing process in GRS QAD.

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