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Get Purchasing Control in QAD

All the critical processes that make up your purchasing cycle add value to both your customer and your company. We are taking a close look at the functions of the procurement cycle in QAD. You’ll discover new ideas as we explore some practical tips you may not have used in your organization. We’ll cover The […]

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SO Maintenance Data Loader 7.1.1

Import Sales Orders from Excel to QAD in Seconds! Multi SO Data Loader 7.1.1 is a powerful tool that allows you to import sales orders into QAD ERP from another system, like Salesforce.com or similar, make changes to order dates, quantities, add lines or cancel backorders. Watch the demo video. Request trial.

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PO Workbench Data Loader for QAD

Buyers know that quick and accurate processing of purchase orders is vital to smooth operations and happy customers. Discover a brilliantly simple tool that will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain and your customer satisfaction, increase your purchasing efficiency, save thousands of labor hours.

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The Inventory Management Juggling Act

Successful Inventory Management is a real juggling act. Inventory managers try to meet conflicting needs and please factions from a variety of areas within the company. While financial managers are harping about keeping costs low and cash flow fluid, the warehouse wants to stockpile items to insure quick availability. The production team is looking to […]

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