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Controlling Inventory in QAD – 32 Soft webinar

The inventory you have on-hand and on-order and the history of that activity in QAD is the basis of everything that you do to procure, build, sell, and create value for your customers and yourselves. Join us as we take a look at the basic aspects of Inventory Control in QAD. We’ll explore: Inventory transactions […]

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PO Workbench Data Loader for QAD

Buyers know that quick and accurate processing of purchase orders is vital to smooth operations and happy customers. Discover a brilliantly simple tool that will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain and your customer satisfaction, increase your purchasing efficiency, save thousands of labor hours.

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EMT Workbench for QAD

InterCompany Transaction (EMT) Workbench is easy-to-use Excel tool, designed for QAD Business Users, who would like to automate inter-company material transfers, boost their productivity, eliminate double entry and errors, greatly improve control and simplify the entire order processing. – provides full control and clear EMT order status visibility across databases/domains – simple setup and easy to run […]

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Replenishment Workbench for QAD

QAD MRP already suggests what materials you need and when. This tool eliminates labor effort that you need to create large volume of purchase orders and notifying the suppliers. All done quickly and accurately from convenient Excel spreadsheet, which is “connected” to QAD in real time…

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