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MRP: How to Make it Fail is Now a Webinar

Why MRP doesn’t always live up to its promise for many companies. Don Lindsey will explore the common reasons that MRP fails. From inadequate planning data and order dates to incorrect transaction processing to a faulty setup of modules, Don will show how these pitfalls impact MRP. Plus, he’ll review the basic needs of a […]

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PO Workbench Data Loader for QAD

Buyers know that quick and accurate processing of purchase orders is vital to smooth operations and happy customers. Discover a brilliantly simple tool that will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain and your customer satisfaction, increase your purchasing efficiency, save thousands of labor hours.

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Auto email supplier schedules from QAD

Traditionally QAD users would print Supplier Schedules onto paper and then scan to email or FAX them to suppliers individually, one by one. This is very labor intensive process, especially when you have a few hundred suppliers. Now you can automate the entire process of generation and distributing supplier schedules with the use of LBOX […]

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