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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

  Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform manufacturing. It is still early in its implementation and particularly in scaled deployment. Still, more and more manufacturers are discovering that they can plan, manage, and improve processes and productivity throughout their enterprise by leveraging artificial intelligence. A recent MIT survey revealed that 62% of manufacturers […]

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Healthcare Company Solves their Entry Woes

When a global healthcare company needed to change their item structures in QAD, they had a daunting task. They went from 6 to 40 product lines in a short amount of time and needed to assign general ledger account codes to all these items. This necessitated a significant number of entries in QAD’s Inventory Account Management […]

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Automatically Upload Your QAD Data with Auto Load

Is your company one of the many who needs to load data from another system into QAD? It isn’t always easy or affordable to do automatically—but it is time-consuming if you don’t make it an automatic process. At 32 Soft, we have a solution that will allow you to automatically load error-free data from another system […]

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Flexible Management of Customer Schedules

Flexible Customer Scheduling = Flawless Execution = Favorable Customers Customer scheduled orders can be challenging to manage and maintain, particularly when they are sent via EDI directly from your customer to your QAD system. Viewing and making changes to orders in the QAD system can be time-consuming. Customers can send both long- and short-term schedules […]

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Auto email supplier schedules from QAD

Traditionally QAD users would print Supplier Schedules onto paper and then scan to email or FAX them to suppliers individually, one by one. This is very labor intensive process, especially when you have a few hundred suppliers. Now you can automate the entire process of generation and distributing supplier schedules with the use of LBOX […]

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