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AI In Action: Real-World Examples of How Manufacturers Use AI for Results

  Artificial intelligence projects range from large and complex projects that overhaul production with robotics to smaller projects that solve targeted challenges and deliver big results. Many of the smaller, more manageable, targeted AI solutions are the more successful ones. They are often pilot programs to test the waters, develop a base for further digital […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

  Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform manufacturing. It is still early in its implementation and particularly in scaled deployment. Still, more and more manufacturers are discovering that they can plan, manage, and improve processes and productivity throughout their enterprise by leveraging artificial intelligence. A recent MIT survey revealed that 62% of manufacturers […]

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Inside the Lab: AI!

We’re teaming up with AI experts to find ways to bring artificial intelligence to our products and the QAD environment! Right now we’re specifically working on ways to use customer order history to verify entered order details. This will catch any errors or anomalies and send a notification to QAD users alerting them to check […]

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