Get Rid of QAD Record Locks Forever

Find out how this FREE Utility can help you manage record locks with ease

Questions from the webinar

What is best procedure for ending background Progress processes that are causing locks?
Is this something that is easily installed?
Can this be run from .Net UI?
If our users are using .Net UI, will the report say the record is locked by that user, or will it show a generic produi user?
How can I use the software — it´s outside QAD, correct?
Does it matter what release of QAD/Progress we are running?
Why is it free? You cannot live on air :) What is the business objective behind giving the utility away for free?
Open or Encrypted source?
Is the utility able to detect locks in all databases or just the qaddb database?
Once installed, what process do you use to run the program, etc.?
Where can I download this software?
We have many different and important programs that can use the same tables at the same time. What is your recommendation to eliminate locks in this environment?
Often times the record locks are caused by a barcode scanner’s battery giving out in the middle of a transaction, so that the system doesn’t know when the barcode scanner operator has started a fresh session after changing the battery.