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Educate Your Employees to Improve Your Business

Are your QAD users all at the same level of knowledge about your supply chain process? Do they understand how their role impacts your company’s overall success? Do they know what data goes where and why in QAD for effective, efficient, and error-free operations? Undoubtedly, there are different kinds of employees in your supply chain […]

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QAD Tutorials

Welcome to EDU 32- free educational resource for QAD End Users. Learn how you can best use QAD ERP to work with the unique complexities of your enterprise. Large variety of topics ranging from MRP/DDMRP to Inventory Control, Accounting/Variances and more. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals offers you their invaluable insight into […]

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EDU 32: Learn More to Achieve More!

If you haven’t checked out our education portal, EDU 32, you’re in for a treat. Our portal contains learning videos and articles about various aspects of using QAD in everyday applications and will help you integrate and implement significant process improvements into your data management and your supply chain process. 32 Soft’s team of highly […]

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