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QAD Production Orders Simplify Your Process

  by Don Lindsey Production Orders, introduced to QAD in the 2016 EE version, take on the functionality of Work Orders, Advanced Repetitive, Flow Scheduling, and Master Schedule Work Orders and combines these into a new set of functions that simplify and enhance the process of manufacturing. QAD’s primary object for introducing the Production Order […]

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New and Upcoming Data Loaders for QAD

  We have several new Data Loaders for QAD EE in the works—some fully developed and others in beta. If you need to massively update or create these datasets on a regular basis, you’ll be interested in these new Loaders!   These Data Loaders are new and fully developed: Journal Entry for EE. Find out […]

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NEW! Journal Entry and GL Analyzer for QAD EE

Two new Data Loaders are now available for QAD Version EE — Journal Entry and GL Analyzer! Journal Entry Data Loader for QAD EE This Data Loader allows you to download your journal entry transactions from QAD into convenient Excel spreadsheets for easier management, changes, and additions. You can then safely and easily upload them […]

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QAD Tutorials

Welcome to EDU 32- free educational resource for QAD End Users. Learn how you can best use QAD ERP to work with the unique complexities of your enterprise. Large variety of topics ranging from MRP/DDMRP to Inventory Control, Accounting/Variances and more. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals offers you their invaluable insight into […]

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