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Item Numbers in QAD’s MFG/PRO

Introduction to QAD–Item Numbers Item numbers are the bedrock of the QAD system. In general terminology, the item number is the identification number assigned to an item. Also called a part number, SKU number, or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), an item number can represent a service as well as a physical item. It is good practice […]

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Automating Repetitive Processes via QAD Batch

Can repetitive QAD processes be automated? This article is a short recap of a presentation delivered at MWUG Conference back in 2010. It shares best practice how QAD user company can benefit from automating month-end reporting, postings, document printing, etc with the use of QAD Batch functionality. We have been practicing these techniques for years and […]

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New to QAD? Get Installation Bundle

Here are some Time-Saving Tools for Easy Implementation If you have ever been on the business end of implementing new ERP software, you know you are in for some time-consuming work. First, you have a lot of strategic planning, along with a complete review of processes. Then, there’s data conversion, collection, review and clean up. […]

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Improve your QAD Process with Data Loaders

Turn your everyday QAD users into SUPER USERS who can accomplish days-worth of work in minutes! Data Loaders are easy-to-use tools that significantly improve your QAD ERP data management capabilities. They you to easily download your QAD data into standard Excel® spreadsheets where you can manage and analyze it before securely uploading it right back […]

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