Improve your QAD Process with Data Loaders
Turn your everyday QAD users into SUPER USERS
who can accomplish days-worth of work in minutes!
Data Loaders are easy-to-use tools that significantly improve your QAD ERP data management
capabilities. They you to easily download your QAD data into standard Excel® spreadsheets
where you can manage and analyze it before securely uploading it right back into QAD.

QAD Users will triple their productivity!

•   Manage large QAD data sets such as price lists, sales orders, purchase orders, work
orders, schedules, forecasts, GL transactions, budgets, routings, BOMs, and more quickly,
easily and safely. Manage thousands of records within 60 seconds!
•   Optimize human resources
•   Increase data quality
•   Eliminate costly data processing bottlenecks

IT Staff will be FREE!

•   No more wrestling with tedious data management
•   No more cumbersome CIM uploads
•   Quick and easy to install – requiring only 30 minutes

Senior Management will triumph!

•   Lightning-fast ROI
•   Low cost of ownership
•   No additional hardware or software – all you need is Microsoft Excel®


The entire team will have complete peace of mind.

DATA LOADERS are safe, risk-free and reliably ensure the integrity of your irreplaceable business info.
We have dozens of available Data Loaders for every major QAD data management module. Learn more about how Data Loaders can transform your data management process. For a full list of available Data Loaders, click here.


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