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Item Master Data Management

The item maser is the bedrock of any ERP system . It contains all the information that identifies, describes, categorizes, and controls the defined item or service in ERP. Here is what you should know about item or part numbers: The item data is stored in a master record. It may be physically distributed across many locations, but […]

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Item Master Data Loader 1.4.1

Item Master Data Loader will increase the timeliness of your Item Master data management and is a must-have tool for synchronizing master records between domains or databases. Item Master also saves tons of time during QAD implementations and period reviews and makes an excellent training tool!

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Item Numbers—The Bedrock of the QAD System

Introduction to QAD–Item Numbers Item numbers are the bedrock of the QAD system. In general terminology, the item number is the identification number assigned to an item. Also called a part number, SKU number, or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), an item number can represent a service as well as a physical item. It is good practice […]

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