QAD Journal Entries from Excel

Bored at Your Keyboard?

Keying in those journal entries to QAD at period end — accruals, payroll, marketing expenses, commissions, 401K, etc., etc., etc.

Whether your business needs to key just a few lines or you have a few hundred, QAD financial users agree that keeping up with journal entries is a tedious, but inevitable, monthly task that takes way more time than it should.

Why so tedious? Maybe because you have to key in information line by line by line.

Or, maybe because, after you’ve keyed everything into QAD you find your balance is off by 15 cents and you can’t see all your transactions to pinpoint your problem — after the first few lines, transactions start to fall from the screen?

Or is it having to exit the maintenance program, enter another menu to print the transactions so you can find your error, and enter your maintenance program again to fix your error?

There’s got to be a better way. And, there is.

Most Accounting Departments keep all journal entries in Excel files, just in case. What if you could use the journal entries stored in excel and simply upload them to QAD?


What if you could also download previously posted journal entries from QAD to Excel and re-submit it with new date and reference number?


This is exactly what we have developed with our Data Loader software: Excel-based spreadsheets that allow you to submit new and browse existing GL transactions in QAD. Data Loaders interact via built in macros with your QAD system and offer a simple, safe, and powerful interface — and gives you full Excel functionality features.

Learn more about our GL Transaction Manager Data Loader