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Data Loaders or Excelerator?

A Decision-Making Guide QAD’s Qxtend Excelerator and 32 Soft’s Data Loaders are both tools that allow you to use Excel-based templates for faster and easier QAD data management. While both process inbound and outbound QAD data, they are different in many ways. How do you decide which is best for your company? We hope this […]

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We Know QAD and We Understand QAD Users

After a recent presentation to a new prospect — now a client, we were happy to hear his feedback about why 32 Soft is different from other 3rd party QAD data management solutions. “I can tell you take a lot of care in development,” he said. “Your technology clearly makes managing QAD data faster and […]

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QAD Journal Entries from Excel

You can make small or large Journal Entries as big as 1000’s lines in QAD within a few seconds. Safely and accurately. Free trial.

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QAD batch processing best practices

Some recent article has struck me, it said “…today, a single computer chip has the power close to a human brain…”. The computer processing speed is doubling every 2 years. Computers become faster, cheaper and smarter. Does this mean that our QAD user do their job today twice faster than they used to do it […]

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