Production Planner WO Webinar



Learn how you can improve the efficiency of production scheduling in QAD with 32 Soft’s Production Planner WO Data Loader Solution. Production Planner WO for gives planners and managers real-time access to QAD data and instant visibility of scheduled quantities, available resources and planned demands – all in easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets.

•   Create, update and release work orders directly in Excel using real-time
•   Analyze demands and compare them with scheduled production
•   Review and approve MRP planned orders
•   Preview and analyze resources/capacity requirements for existing schedules
•   Create and run “what-if” capacity and inventory availability scenarios for existing or simulation schedules
•   Make production schedules more “achievable” with detailed capacity reports
•   Manage the whole site production schedule and separate production line/planner schedules at once
•   Upload your updated work orders back to QAD with a click of a button – safely and securely

Questions from the webinar

Are sequences for discrete work orders a standard function of QAD?
How does this tool differ from WO What-If tool?
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