Maybe You Don’t Need that New ERP System Yet

This video from Eric Kimberling discusses the risks involved in migrating to a new ERP system or moving to the cloud version of your existing ERP system. He makes some great points that are important to consider.



    • Cloud-based ERP can cost customers more in the long run than on-premise deployment. There is a good argument for this in the video.


    • There are lots of considerations around adopting new innovative technologies before they are proven.


  • Before moving to a new system, take a look at some low-risk, low-cost, high-result alternatives.
    • You may be able to improve your business processes
    • You may not be using your present system to its fullest or may need additional training for users. 32 Soft can help with that through our webinars and videos as well as custom training for your staff.
    • You may be able to find software (like 32 Soft’s Data Loaders for QAD) that can improve the productivity of your present system.


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