Inventory Control with QAD

Is Your Inventory Control Suffering Because You Aren’t Using QAD to Its Fullest Potential?

Did you know that 44% of companies use a combination of systems to manage their inventory data?

According to a recent study from, companies mix their ERP software with Excel, warehouse management or accounting software in order to manage this inventory data and make critical business decisions.

Companies opt to use multiple systems for a variety of reasons. Top among them is having an ERP system that is a powerful repository for inventory details but is complex and cumbersome to maintain — and doesn’t deliver the data in a way that allows for quick decision-making.


Is your company one of the 44%?

If so, you could be facing a lot of related headaches. If you are using multiple programs to manage a process, you are likely double-entering data, which results in more time and manpower. On top of that, data entry errors can wreak havoc on your inventory control.

Inventory is one of your company’s major assets. Mismanaged inventory can create significant financial and production problems. Inventory control that includes the analysis of existing inventory balances and their manipulation at the transactional level is a crucial. It is at the core of the whole inventory management process.


What if you could unleash the power of your QAD system with a tool that adds efficiency and visibility to your core inventory processes?

You can with 32 Soft’s Inventory Control Data Loaders. By combining reporting and maintenance functionality, our Data Loaders give you complete, real-time access to your QAD inventory data and allow you to efficiently work with large sets of inventory transactions in QAD.


You don’t have to be one of the 44%.

All you need to efficiently manage your inventory process is your QAD system and Data Loaders — simple, easy-to-use, affordable tools that seamlessly integrate with QAD.

Data Loaders use Excel-based templates that allow you to download QAD inventory data, make changes and upload changes directly into QAD. They communicate with a built-in CIM load mechanism that operates in the background, so downloading and uploading can be done by the QAD user. IT interaction is never required! You can find out more about how our Data Loaders communicate with QAD here.


Find out more about our Inventory Control Data Loaders

To learn more about how our Inventory Control Data Loaders can help you get the most out of your QAD inventory data – without having to store and manipulate data outside of your QAD system


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