Immaculate Inventory in QAD



Because inventory is one of your company’s major assets, mismanaged inventory can cost you significant time and money. This is the first part of our Immaculate Inventory Management in QAD series (watch part 2 here and Part 3 here). Learn how you can gain control of your QAD inventory data and achieve measurable results. In this 20-minute webinar, you’ll discover how you can easily …

      •   review and maintain inventory details, track expiration dates and modify inventory status
      •   analyze inventory balances and perform multi-transfers
      •   adjust inventory balances and manage floor stock with ease

Questions from the webinar

Are these Data Loaders available for trial?
Do these Data Loaders work with QAD Enterprise Edition?
Are these Data Loaders available for the new versions of QAD?
Is it possible to add a drop down lookup function for locations in Inventory Transfer Data Loader?
Do you have a Data Loader for the 3.4.2 menu in QAD?