Immaculate Inventory Counts in QAD



Whether you practice cycle counting, physical inventory or both, the key to immaculate inventory is accurate counts – and accurate data entry.

Part 3 of our Immaculate Inventory Management in QAD series (Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here) shows how you can gain ease and accuracy of inventory maintenance in QAD — and achieve measurable results. In this 20-minute interactive webinar, you’ll discover how you can easily …

      •   Greatly improve inventory accuracy whether cycle counting or tag counting
      •   Get real-time access to QAD data
      •   Massively update inventory counts quickly and easily
      •   Give responsibility and control of forecast entry and maintenance to your sales force

Questions from the webinar

Is it possible for the cycle count Data Loader to be configured to accept the initial count out of tolerance discrepancy vs. giving the hard-stop?
When adding an item to a request, how are the items validated if you don’t need a QAD login?
Is the upload limited to a certain number of lines?
Are the count reports acceptable for outside auditors?
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