Replenishment & Customer Satisfaction

Did you know… A satisfied customer will tell 5 other people about his/her satisfaction, but a dissatisfied customer will tell 9 other people?

That’s a sobering thought in an age when competition is fierce. In fact, statistics show that just one satisfied customer can bring a company two new ones, but an unsatisfied one can cost it four.

In your business, customer satisfaction is tied to consistent on-time delivery, flexibility, and quality of product. The MRP process in your business is at the heart of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Studies show that there is a strong, positive, and direct relationship between flexible and competent material replenishment practices and customer satisfaction.

Are you spending time on material replenishment that is not adding value to your customer?

Capital Safety Canada realized they were doing just that and found it was threatening their ability to provide superior customer service. After analyzing their MRP process, they discovered it was taking 6-8 hours each day to deal with QAD action message reports, do the research, create POs and distribute them.

They began to look for ways to streamline their process and improve their workflow. That’s when Capital Safety Canada found 32 Soft’s Replenishment Workbench.

This tool allows them to download their QAD MRP messages into convenient Excel spreadsheets. They can easily review and action each message and see all the information they need to make purchasing decisions. This enabled them to reduce their processing time to 2-3 hours per day – that’s a difference of as much as 1300 hours per year!

Read more about how Capital Safety Canada cut their material replenishment man hours by 63% and contributed significantly to improved customer satisfaction.

To learn more about 32 Soft’s Replenishment Workbench, click here or you can replay our recent webinar.