The Guts of QAD MRP: Item Master & BOMs

Presented by Don Lindsey

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Questions from the webinar

Note: We are clarifying some of the questions and answers. Answers to those questions will follow shortly. Please check back or feel free to contact us directly.

What about purchasing allocation between 2 suppliers? For example, 60% & 40% purchase allocations from 2 different suppliers. Can QAD plan for that?
If an item has multiple MPN, and each MPN has a different lead time or even MOQ, can QAD take multiple lead times and MOQ in such a case?
Can you recommend any resources on DDMRP?
We use QAD 2016 EE. What is pegging? We do not see that functionality on our version.
We have components that are entering stock the moment they leave our supplier. Transport times are up to 6 weeks. Is there a way to have MRP consider this? Items are in stock but not available for production until six weeks later.


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