QAD Upgrade Means a Sleek New Portal

When our client, a manufacturing company, embarked on a QAD version upgrade, one of their biggest concerns was what to do with an extranet site that was being used by internal sales, external reps, distributors, and OEMs.

The site was old and quite difficult to maintain, but the users relied on it so it had to stay. It housed product pricing and split commission information and also allowed for order-taking, tracking, and more.

They decided to replace it rather than updating the old one and looked at several options before deciding on 32 Soft’s Customer Work Center (CWC) web application. You can find out why and how this became such a success here.

For additional case studies, visit our website. We think they will provide some inspiration and ideas about how 32 Soft can help you can boost your productivity and get the most out of your QAD system. We’re adding audio versions of the studies as well so you can listen if you aren’t in a place where you can read.

Also, make sure you watch our Testimonials video on our Case Studies page as well.