Backlog: collaborate online in real-time

You know this scenario all too well.

Someone spends hours updating QAD and generating a report that is used to make decisions in a production meeting. Decisions are passed on to the rest of the order fulfillment unit, but, because the data used to make the decision is not completely up-to-date, those decisions start to not make sense.

Productivity is hampered. There are phone calls and emails flying with misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and delays.

To muddy the waters even more, only a limited group of people has access to the QAD ERP system, with the information needed to make the best decision. Production managers tell us that those who require the most time sensitive backlog information simply do not receive it in a timely enough way to adequately do their job.

Does it sound familiar? If, so Web Backlog is the solution you should look into.

Web Backlog is real-time collaboration platform that makes QAD fulfillment data accessible to every person in every department!


Web Backlog provides visibility of vital, time-sensitive information to managers and workers in all departments, whether they are QAD users or not. It boosts operation efficiency in the order fulfillment process because it provides the most current backlog data to the right people when they need it.

Web Backlog shortens production meetings and reduces the need for communication outside of QAD system. No need for excessive phone calls, emails, tracking orders manually with paperwork etc. BECAUSE, everyone can now collaborate online in real-time.

Easy to use, Web Backlog requires virtually no user training. You simply open your internet browser and you will see the real-time backlog data you need. You can even explore lower level information using user-friendly drill downs.

When an order is entered or changed, placed on hold, or changes priority, Web Backlog broadcasts the change immediately to EVERYONE. This boosts productivity, because everyone is on the same page — with no delays and miscommunications.

Bring the clarity, simplicity and instant access to all necessary information that your company needs through Web Backlog’s adjustable self-refreshing views. Authorized QAD users can use the Web Backlog application for transactions such as to create or release Work Orders, print shipping documents, add comments/messages to teams, place orders on hold or change their priority. Non-QAD users have access to this data in real-time but can not perform transactions.

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