Web Backlog for QAD

Get Real-Time QAD Fulfillment Data for Every Person in Every Department
— even non-QAD users

What matters most in a build-to-order production environment is that the customer receives their order
accurately and on time. But juggling all the elements to make that happen can be a time-consuming and
frustrating experience, riddled with obstacles. So many departments need to be informed and kept abreast
of minute-by-minute changes as they happen. One unknown detail can turn a satisfied customer into a
disappointed customer.

Making real-time QAD order fulfillment information accessible to non-users who need it is impossible in most
QAD environments. But not with Web Backlog from 32 Soft. Simple to use and requiring no QAD training,
Web Backlog gives everyone in your organization access to vital, time-sensitive information — even those without
access to your QAD system.

•   Make order details viewable to every person in your organization who
    needs to know – whether or not they are QAD users
•   Eliminate manual reporting and outdated report information
•   Give managers the accurate, real-time information they need to make
    priority and resource decisions
•   Create production analysis reports and trend charts
•   Access the information with mobile devices, too!

Are you ready to increase your order fulfillment productivity?
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