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Multi Sales Order Data Loader for QAD ERP

This powerful tool allows you to import sales orders easily into QAD from another system, like Salesforce.com or similar. Or you can quickly update sales order details such as dates, quantities from convenient Excel template. Watch the demo video to learn how you can improve your process. Request trial verion.

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Online Customer Portal for QAD – 32Soft

32 Soft developed an online portal that is your one stop site for customer needs. It is a portal for the entire sales cycle. Users can access quotes, orders, create RMA requests, update report notifications, link to internal and external company pages and more. Secure access is set up for users in QAD and menu […]

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Customer Portal for QAD

An online portal that is your one stop site for customer needs.

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CSR Cockpit Web App

Where Sales and Customer Service functions are performed by third party or from remote location, or en-route… Or when your distributors / sales-service centers could accelerate your business, if they perform online real-time ERP functions… You may consider this online tool as a perfect solution for eliminating mis-communications, errors, poor service and time wasting. It […]

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