QAD Variances—Why Accounting’s Upset



Variances are a big problem for cost accountants. They threaten profitability, and it can be time-consuming for the accounting staff to analyze and reconcile them. It takes a lot of deep digging to uncover the reasons for the variances, so red flags go up whenever variances become unreasonably high. In this webinar, Don Lindsey gives both accounting and non-accounting folks an overview of the types of variances and how QAD processes data for variance reporting. He discusses…

•   Purchasing and Account Payable Variance
•   Work Order Variance
•   Rate and Usage Variance
•   Method Variances
•   Standard Cost Processing
•   How Multiple Sites can effect variances
•   Scrap and Labor Reporting (including non-productive hours)
•   Outside or sub-contract processing
•   Work Order Accounting Close
•   And, more

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Questions from the webinar

Is there a way to do a mock Accounting Close so variances can be analyzed prior to permanently closing work orders?
Is there any benefit/difference between using Work Order Maintenance to release a WO versus using Work Order Release/Print?
Is the Transactions Accounting Report only available in EE or is it an add on to QAD?
When you mention MUG [MWUG] is it QAD Mid West User Group?


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