Show Me The Money



The more everyone involved in the supply chain understands how QAD processes transactions in the general ledger, the more efficient your organization, the easier end-of-month closing, the fewer variance issues and transaction inaccuracies. But, inventory accounting can be a mystery for non-accounting staff. In this webinar, Don Lindsey provides valuable insights for supply chain players—from buyers and planners to warehouse and production personnel—and gives a good working knowledge of accounting in QAD. You’ll gain an understanding of…

•   Cost set / cost method / cost categories in QAD
•   The structure of QAD accounts
•   How PO, WO, and SO processing hits the GL
•   The impact cycle count cost has on the general ledger
•   How to use cost sets to control inventory values in the GL
•   How it all impacts monthly accounting closings


Questions from the webinar

This seems to deal with discrete sales orders and work orders. What about scheduled sales orders and cumulative orders?


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