#MWUG Fall 2017 Presentation

Using QAD Data to Measure On-Time Performance

Carlisle Brake & Friction

32 Soft Inc.

8:30 am, Tuesday, October 10, 2017

At Carlisle Brake and Friction, they know that on-time delivery is vitally important to customer satisfaction and loyalty. And they also know that the more they understand how their customers see them, the better service they can provide.

That is why Carlisle Brake and Friction partnered with 32 Soft to build an online dashboard that uses real-time QAD data to measure their performance. The dashboard has enabled them to track and analyze delivery performance trends, drill down to deeper detail levels to uncover buried problems, and react more quickly to missed shipments or shipment challenges. Not only that, but the dashboard, using real-time QAD data, is accessible 24/7 to QAD users and non-users alike.

Join Tris Hopkins, QAD Systems Analyst / Programmer, Carlisle Brake and Friction, and Alex Kim, CEO, 32 Soft, at the Fall 2017 Midwest User Group Conference!




MWUG 2017 Fall Conference
October 8-10, 2017
Amway Grand Plaza
Grand Rapids, MI