Auto-Populate Pivot Tables from QAD—FREE

If you use pivot tables to generate reports from your QAD data, this free DIY utility is for you!

Our Pivot Populator automatically fills in your pivot tables with real-time QAD data so you can provide those custom reports with speed and agility.

We developed this utility as part of a larger KPI (Key Performance Indicator) project for one of our clients. They wanted to generate custom purchasing reports for their top management that showed trends and performance for POs, receipts, dollar values, suppliers, etc. These comparative reports showed upper-level data but also gave them the ability to drill down to the detail level using current QAD data.

To generate the reports for our client, we used pivot tables but needed to provide them with a way to auto-refresh and fill the pivot tables with current data from QAD as needed, so we developed the Pivot Populator utility. It saves hours of time compared to manually populating the pivot tables.

We are making this do-it-yourself utility available to you free-of-charge. It will work to populate any pivot table with QAD data.

To get your FREE Pivot Populator utility, click here.

If you would like to find out more about the KPI project we did
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