QAD capacity data. One place to see it all!

Imagine… All your real-time QAD Capacity data downloaded into one spreadsheet!


32 Soft’s Capacity Calendar Data Loader gives you all the QAD data you need to build a truly accurate and meaningful Capacity Planning Schedule.

The easy-to-use format and pleasing graphical view give you quick visibility into scheduling conflicts and resource shortages—including human resources! And, you can make changes to your data and easily upload them back to QAD.

You can even add crew size

We all know that the number of workers assigned to a task significantly impacts your production capabilities. The Capacity Calendar Data Loader allows you to add crew size to get a real-world view of your capacity schedule.

The Capacity Calendar provides all the data you need to make smart, accurate production planning decisions in a single place. It makes it easy for you to create what-if scenarios, and you can even use it to calculate actual productivity.

Capacity Calendar can be used as a stand-alone Data Loader or added to any of our Production Planner Data Loaders. Click here for more information or contact us.