Automate Your QAD Data Uploads



You definitely need a fast, flawless, and fool-proof way to get your information from one system to another. In this webinar we show you how you can automatically transfer data from another system into QAD with no human intervention using Auto Load. It is much more robust, responsive, and convenient for daily use, plus, it delivers the best return on investment in the market compared to other methods of data transfer.

In this 30-minute webinar, Alex Kim demonstrates how Auto Load uses our Data Loader technology to make automatic data transfer easy and error-free for you.

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Questions from the webinar

Do the 32 Soft Data Loaders support populating custom fields?
We have just purchased another company that is not using QAD. Would this be a good application for the Auto Load?
Are your Data Loaders QAD Cloud certified?
When do you utilize Data Loaders vs. when to use Auto Load?
Does Auto Load send emails as well in case of failure?
Would you be able to do a demo at the conference next week?
Are the Data Loaders with Auto Load useful if my company needs to clone an entire entity to put it into a different domain in EE?
Do you have anything which can auto extract data from QAD to another system’s operation and finance module?
When are you going to have the Financial Data Loaders for EE?
Are these seminars available for people out of US?


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