Why 32Printer?

32printer is a proven electronic output solution for QAD’s ERP system. 32printer converts plain QAD reports to nice looking PDF documents, MS Excel Spreadsheets, or email message on-the-fly. It works great with GUI, Char UI or .NET UI and supports very much all local languages: Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and others. View Demo

The setup takes only few minutes.  Try it now and enjoy immediate results: nice looking PDF forms, Excel reports, Out of the box. No programming required, no revamping the whole system. Show 32printer to your QAD users – you’ll be surprised what they say. Try it now.

Download 32printer32printer Manual

32printer is helping daily thousands of QAD users in every industry in many countries. Download fully functional trial version today and let the computer do the work for you!

Quick and easy way to generate professionally looking PDF documents such as Invoices, Orders, Schedules, Packing Lists, Statements, etc, directly from the QAD system, which can be immediately shared.
Quick and easy way to convert QAD reports into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Out of the box! No programming required!
Printing long reports to a search able Notepad window, with unlimited width and length. Eliminates the need to FTP files from QAD server.
Enables true paperless environment. You will be better organized and help the Nature as well.
Saves you effort, which accumulates into a significant savings over time.
Lowers the operating cost, you have better things to do with your money.
Simple and easy in installation and use. Quickly will become one of your best tools.
Flexible. 32printer can work with modified version of PuTTY. Or use your existing terminal emulator, QAD Windows GUI or .NET UI.
Portable. 32printer does not require installation on each pc.
  • Excel Template feature allows you to turn exported data into a pivot table or a graph or highlight spreadsheet ranges with different colors for better visibility or faster decision making. Any data or format manipulations are possible on the Excel side via VBA. Click here to see how Pivot Table gets generated.
    Click here to see how excel records get highlighted.
  • Compression feature significantly increases 32printer performance when bringing long reports over. The data traffic is decreased to 7-8 times which gains overall performance 3-4 times as much.
  • Multi-sheet Excel reports feature, gives you ability to generate workbook where one sheet will contain summary information and another one all the details. Click here to see a sample.
  • In case you need PDF/Excel reports generated in batch mode, consider LBOX Server. It generates PDF documents (Invoices, Purchase Orders, SO Confirmations, etc) in a designated directory and delivers them to internal users or partners via email. Overnight Invoice printing to customer’s emails, month end reports  and other processes can be automated with the use of LBOX More details..
  • Another great feature is ability to print silently from QAD directly to any windows print queue. Regardless whether the printer queue accessible from Unix or not, whether it’s a local LPT or USB printer or windows network one. You will be able to print from QAD to any printer as long as it’s visible from your Local PC.