QAD Access Security Plan Checklist

In a recent webinar, QAD Access: Concerns and Considerations, presenter Don Lindsey included a to-do list of tasks that should be considered before you embark on setting up your permissions and roles in QAD.

You’ll find a downloadable pdf of this graphic here: Security Plan Checklist

Don’s checklist includes:

Review, Determine and Understand How Your Enterprise is Organized

  • Create a high-level overview of your business environment, including information about multiple sites, multiple domains, licenses, etc.
  • Review all security documentation, including .Net, email security, the board of directors’ requirements, etc.
  • Reassess all application-related files to determine appropriate permission & ownership settings
  • Document any Segregation of Duties policy requirements


Determine, Define and Document User Access

  • Detail the system domains/entities that users will need to access
  • Document the roles to which users should be assigned
  • Specify the  Fields, Sites, GL Accounts, Inv Move Codes, etc. that users need to access
  • Define policies and procedures for deactivating old user accounts
  • Determine policies and procedures to assure user/role information is kept current


Detail Password Policies and Procedures

  • Document the process for new user account and password creation
  • Decide if single sign-on will be enabled
  • Determine how often users are required to change passwords
  • Define failed login attempt procedures


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