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Managing QAD Access Security

Solid, tight data access security protects your organization’s data, reputation, and bottom line. Neglecting it can lead to hefty SOX non-compliance penalties. Managing access rights during onboarding, role changes, and offboarding; practicing Segregation of Duties (SoD); maintaining an access control matrix; performing periodic access audits; and automating reports all work to keep you compliant. In […]

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QAD Access Security Plan Checklist

In a recent webinar, QAD Access: Concerns and Considerations, presenter Don Lindsey included a to-do list of tasks that should be considered before you embark on setting up your permissions and roles in QAD. You’ll find a downloadable pdf of this graphic here: Security Plan Checklist Don’s checklist includes: Review, Determine and Understand How Your Enterprise is Organized […]

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