Our Production Planner Supports MSW/PSW!

iStock_000017651366MediumIf you use QAD’s MSW/PSW interface to manage both repetitive and discrete work orders, you’ll be happy to know that our Production Planner Data Loader can help you manage your production planning and scheduling.

We’ve upgraded our Production Planner so you can download production schedules into our Excel-based software to create, update and release work orders and explode production schedules no matter what production environment you use – advanced repetitive, discrete work order, or both.

With a click of a button, you can upload your updated work orders directly into QAD safely and securely. Our Data Loader also makes it easy to compare demand with scheduled production and net requirements with scheduled quantities.

You can easily review and approve MRP planned orders, preview and analyze resources/capacity requirements for existing schedules and create and run “what-if” capacity and inventory availability scenarios for existing or simulation schedules, and much more.

If you operate in a strictly Advanced Repetitive Scheduling production environment, our Production Planner RS Data Loader has special features you’ll find useful. You can find out more about all of our Production Planners here.