Multiple QAD Pre-Shippers in Record Time

How Carlex Glass Easily builds mutliplt qad pre-shippers in record time

Here’s How Carlex Glass Does It!

Carlex Glass dispatches more than 20 trucks a day to requirements-based customers that have detailed shipping and product labeling needs. Because of the volume of shipments and the complexity of
some of their orders, they were looking for a way to build multiple pre-shippers at once rather than the one-at-a-time method in QAD.

Because they had already experienced tremendous productivity benefits with other 32 Soft’s Data Loaders,  CIO Brian Kelliher again looked to 32 Soft to provide a simpler tool that allowed them to review the shipments for the day and quickly create multiple pre-shippers. The Sales Order Shipper Data Loader fit the bill.

Find out more about how they saved more than 6 hours a day and transformed their shipping process.