Looks Like Cloud ERP is Here To Stay

1-iStock_000025710034_MediumOne of the fastest growing segments of QAD’s business is QAD’s cloud application, QAD Cloud ERP. Whether companies are planning implementation, in the process of consideration, or have decided it is not for them at this time, it is on the top of everyone’s mind. It has been one of the main topics of conversation at the user group and Explore conferences this year and last.

We came across some interesting survey results from the Mint Jutras 2015 Enterprise Solution Study which we thought would be of interest to you as well. The survey (generally based on ERP users, not specifically QAD ERP users) found a whopping 84% of the manufacturing and distribution companies have some kind of cloud implementation strategy, even if their strategy is to NOT move any applications to the cloud (only 8%):



Source: Mint Jutras 2015 Enterprise Solution Study


The study also asked respondents which deployment options they would consider today if they were choosing a new solution. The following charts compares this year’s results with previous years’ results:


Source: Mint Jutras 2015 Enterprise Solution Study *Option added in 2015


There is a remarkable shift in the results of this question between 2011 and 2015. In 2011, 56% would consider the traditional on-premise option compared to just 26% today. The SaaS option jumped by 12 percentage points between 2011 and 2015, with 45% considering it a viable option in 2011 compared with 57% in 2015.


The future

When survey respondents were asked the percentage of business software deployed as SaaS today vs. what they expect in the future, the results show a consistent and remarkable growth.


Source: Mint Jutras 2015 Enterprise Solution Study


The good news

The good news? However your company chooses to deploy QAD – SaaS, on-premise, or hosted – Data Loaders will continue to be the high-value, easy-to-use, perfect productivity solution for managing your QAD data. To find out how Data Loaders can turn you into a QAD superhero, click here.