An Update: #Pelotonia Bicycle Tour

Our friend and colleague, Lance McKeown, TS Tech Americas, finished the #Pelotonia bicycle tour with flying colors! If you helped him with a donation, thank you for your support. To date, all 8,022 riders in the 2017 tour raised a combined $15,825,833. TS Tech raised $62,203.02 and Lance raised $3,650.00. Total raised in the history of Pelotonia is $145,985,321 toward the ONE GOAL: END CANCER.

Lance finished the full 180 miles this year with a total of just over 13 hours ride time — with many touching memories that he will treasure.

“On the first day, at around mile 92, there is a place called The Grind by local bikers,” wrote Lance. “The Grind climbs approximately 130 feet but is a 15% grade, so very steep. There was a man half way up the grind yelling encouragement to riders. He walked the last half next to me, urging me to keep pushing. I made it up The Grind and was grateful he gave up his Saturday to support my ride. I don’t know if I would have made it without walking my bike had he not been there.”

Lance continued, “On the second day, I was riding alone through some beautiful farm country where houses are a quarter mile or more apart. The road was straight and there were no bikes within a mile of me. Out of nowhere, I heard a loud voice thanking me and shouting encouragement. I looked up to see a farmer walking down from his house, encouraging me on. About 100 feet down the road, his wife, daughter, and the dog were ringing bells thanking me for riding and encouraging me. There are far too many other memories for me to detail them here, but none of them would exist without your support. Thank you so much. Looking forward to next year…”

A big round of applause for Lance and the TS Tech team!