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Error: Invalid character in numeric input C. (76)

What does this message mean? QAD users will get this message when a process, such as a CIM process or Data Loaders, feeds data to a QAD maintenance program that has a field value that is contrary to what QAD expects. As an example, the data to load to a specific field may contain character […]

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CIMLOAD Do It Yourself Guide

If you need to import a massive amount of data to QAD, in this Do-It-Yourself Guide for the CIM process you’ll learn: How the CIM process works in QAD; How to create CIM load templates in Excel; Some helpful applications, add-ins, and documents; Tips for controlling the CIM process; And, more!

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High performance alternative to CIM Loads

Because of the recent business trends, the volume of ERP data will keep growing faster regardless which sector you are in, which means IT will get even busier doing more CIMs. How you can improve what you are doing? Is there a better way? Can business users perform data uploads by themselves without IT involved?

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