2016 February

Posts made in February, 2016

Replenishment & Customer Satisfaction

Did you know… A satisfied customer will tell 5 other people about his/her satisfaction, but a dissatisfied customer will tell 9 other people? That’s a sobering thought in an age when competition is fierce. In fact, statistics show that just one satisfied customer can bring a company two new ones, but an unsatisfied one can cost it […]

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Inventory Control with QAD

Is Your Inventory Control Suffering Because You Aren’t Using QAD to Its Fullest Potential? Did you know that 44% of companies use a combination of systems to manage their inventory data? According to a recent study from SoftwareAdvice.com, companies mix their ERP software with Excel, warehouse management or accounting software in order to manage this […]

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New! Requisition Plus

 Our Requisition Portal Has Been Updated with Great New Features! 32 Soft’s Requisition portal – now called Requisition Plus – has been updated with new graphics and features to allow for greater usability! Requisition Plus is an independent stand-alone system, so even non-QAD users can approve and route purchase requests through the application. It has […]

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