Peek Inside the Lab: Measure On-Time Delivery

Do you think about how your company looks to your customer? Do you have a way to measure your performance and analyze it from your customers’ perspective?

At 32 Soft, we’re working with one of our clients to develop a tool that uses real-time QAD data to measure on-time delivery — one of the key performance indicators for any business.

This tool is designed to graphically show how well your company is delivering on their promise to deliver. It uses real-time QAD data to create charts and graphs showing delivery trends that are available 24-7 to anyone who needs the information — whether or not they are a QAD user. So, your upper-management can see an instant, up-to-date overview of how your company is delivering to your customers.  Anytime, from anywhere.

Plus, you can drill down to see the up-to-the-minute reasons for late deliveries — both trends and individual situations. So, your middle-managers can quickly determine problem areas and develop strategic solutions. Anytime, and from anywhere.

Not only that, but you can drill down to specific customer information and truly see how your company is performing for an individual company and see your company as your customer sees it. So, your sales and customer service reps can view on-time delivery for that all-important customer and catch any trends before they develop into customer problems or, worse, lost sales.

What is even more intriguing about this tool is that the framework can easily be used to develop a similar tool for other KPIs within your company. So, if you are experiencing a specific problem — for example, production downtime — we can work with you to develop the same measuring tool using your QAD production data.

Piqued your interest? If so, please watch our webinar replay, Using QAD Data to Measure On-Time Performance, where we’ll walk you through the On-Time Delivery tool.